La Revanche Pure…..Sweet Revenge

This is just a quick thank you going out to all the food bloggers, foodies & generally good people out there who provide us with continuing inspiration to do what we do. We hope to keep spreading our love for tasty organic treats throughout Montreal (and beyond!!!).



Time to use up those delicious berries in as many recipes as possible! This week’s order consisted of amazingly light & fluffy blueberry multigrain muffins,  a blueberry & raspberry clafouti, and buckwheat-walnut butter cookies that we found hard to resist eating the minute they came out the oven!

..and this is what it all looks like as an order (and only $10!!)

Our June 13 Sweet Revenge order - looks yummy doesn't it?

Get your order in now – next delivery date is June 27th.

Next delivery date: June 13th.

Send us an email to place an order!!


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Thank you to the organizers of the Montreal arm of the Ashraya! Yoga Festival held on a rainy May 14th….you thought some Sweet Revenge goodies would be a nice treat for your expected yogis/yoginis, and you were right!!! Apparently the chocolate chip & flax cookies and natural granola bars were consumed in short order, which is just what we love to hear…Best of luck with your future events!

Promoting healthy living & global giving – we love it!!!


We’re baking up some treats today (1 day earlier than usual), and do they ever look, smell & taste amazing!!

We’ll deliver today & tomorrow, and of course you can always place a future order by emailing us.

Next delivery date: March 28th.

For your semi-sweet tooth this time around, we offered organic sweet potato loaves


Organic sweet potato loaves

organic zucchini & yogurt multigrain muffins….



Organic zucchini & yogurt multigrain muffins


…and an absolute winner – organic chocolate chip & almond biscotti!!


Organic chocolate-chip & almond biscotti



Happy Valentine’s day to all of you out there! Sweet Revenge brought our customers some great treats in their surprise bags today:

…a large version of our popular organic chocolate-chip & flax cookies, the organic creamy lemon-crumb bars, and an amazing organic granola (with oats, a mix of nuts & seeds & other good stuff) that goes great with your favorite yogurt!


Organic chocolate chip & flax cookies (and bagged granola)



Hopefully if you ordered from us, you shared it with a loved one 🙂